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Escutcheons – Split For Pre-Piped Jobs

Escutcheons – Split For Pre-Piped Jobs

This page provides a library of information related to the Escutcheons, Slit for Pre-Piped Jobs, that HydraPro offers to customers.

To access the associated specifications sheet and to download other relevant information such as the price sheet and warranty (if available), refer to the below buttons.

Product Description

ESCUTCHEONS – SPLIT FOR PRE-PIPED JOBS H22550 H22551 H22552 H22553 HP9202SW HP9203SW HP9204SW HP9206SW 5/8″ OD 7/8″ OD 1-1/8″OD 1-5/8″OD H22543 H22544 H22545 H22546 H22547 H22548 H22549 HP9211SW HP9212SW HP9213SW HP9214SW HP9215SW HP9216SW HP9217SW 3/8″ IPS 1/2″ IPS 3/4″ IPS 1″ IPS 1-1/4″ IPS 1-1/2″ IPS 2″ IPS IPS SIZE CTS (TUBULAR SIZE)